Take 79 South to the Meadowlands, Exit 41 (old exit 8), at the stop sign make right continue to light, at light make a left onto Pike Street, at the next light turn right, follow this to the Stop Sign. At Stop sign make a right, follow this 1 1/2 miles, cross railroad tracks make another right onto Arden Road, continue approx. 1/8 mile turn left up ramp and follow the lane to the plant.

Take 70 West to 79 North, go to the first exit on 79 North (Meadowlands Exit), at the stop sign, bottom of ramp make a left, go to the next light, make another left, continue to Stop Sign, make right go approx. 1 1/2 miles to Railroad Tracks, cross tracks make right onto Arden Road, continue approx. 1/2 mile, make left up ramp and follow lane till the end.

Take 70 East to Jefferson Avenue Exit, at the bottom of the off ramp make a right and follow Jefferson Avenue to the 2nd light, bear right onto Henderson Avenue. Go to the next light make a right up grade to Stop Sign, make a left follow road to the Washington County Fairgrounds, cross small bridge go approx 1/4 mile and make a left onto Arden Road, go 1/8 mile up ramp, follow lane to the end.




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